Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crazy is as Crazy does

Have you ever looked back at you past and thought: My friend would call me crazy if they ever found out some of the stuff I have done in my past.  That thought is constantly going through my mind.  Maybe that’s why I am not so quick to be the center of attention when we get together.  I fear my past may peek its some what promiscuous head from the closet I keep all those bones of the past in.  Then what would the high society of this Podunk town think of me then.  Would they cut me off from the chamber socials?  Would the country club revoke my membership?  I mean we are only talking about my past and we all have one of those.
I could write it like a letter:
Dear British fighter pilot who’s name I do not recall, who could possibly say no to all that hotness?  Your accent had me enthralled from the moment “Hello” left your good looking lips and it took a week to get all the sand out of my hair and other unmentioned places.
Dear Jeff, thank you for the initiation into the mile high club. Do you think the pilots ever figured it out. Your green eyes haunt me to this day, despite your passing.  I can still feel you checking up on me at night when I sleep.
Dear Tom, your buff sexy survival instructor body made my knees weak every time I would see you and I could not have made it through survival school without your help.  I will never forget the week in the woods…we were evading both students and instructors and god was the sex good.
Dear Petty Officer Bailey, you gave the best massages ever, you hands were like magic as were other parts of your fine body.  Your cat and mouse game left me intrigued and restless.  But your touch was worth the games you played.

Dear Brent, you were every woman’s fantasy in your State Trooper uniform, blond hair, blue eyes and 6ft muscular frame.  I never thought two people could fit in the front seat of a squad car, but like always you proved me wrong…

I could write more. But why should I share all my secrets? 

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  1. No more topless pictures of male models for you! ;)

  2. Ha! When posting the last comment, the keyword it made me type in was "pokiest." Too funny...

  3. Oh, my Christine, I would pay money to read your history! Might steam up my glasses! ;)

  4. Holy moly!British fighter pilot? Yes, please.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh MY GAWD---the letters that I could write. NOT....LOL! I think about that time in Miami, in the woods, by the road, and how a friend said that she could spot me when the headlights hit us....ACK...can you say awkward? It is not a memory that I need to have permanently written down.

  7. LOL!! I loved this post so much! Skeletons in the closet are so much fun to read about.... especially when they are not your own!