Monday, March 14, 2011

Lawnmowers and Daylight savings time

I am suffering from blog block this morning and I blame it all on Daylight savings time.  There are some things a cup of coffee just can’t fix and DST is one of them.  I will be an hour off for the next 6 months, until all is right with the world again and time corrects itself in the fall from man’s interference.

Now everything bothers me, like the fact that our lawnmower has been broken for 3 years and my husband’s inability to fix it or replace it has finally gotten on my last nerve.  Not that I care that he pays someone to mow it, but at least man up and admit you don’t like mowing the lawn. Sometimes I think that because he is Hispanic he enjoys the fact that he has a white landscaper mowing his lawn.  I promise if you just roll the old lawnmower to the road and put a FREE sign on it I will not think you any less manly.  Not only that, but you can pick out any new mower you want, without my insightful input.

Oh and one more thing since I know how jealous my husband gets over little stuff….Jeff our landscaper is now single!


  1. LOL! C.G.... does your husband read this?

    Hey, they said on the radio that our bodies never adjust to DST. Our circadian rhythms never like having the extra daylight tacked on at nighttime instead of morning.
    Annnd... traffic accidents increase from everyone's sleep loss. You know nothing about that, do you? Watch out for Officer Barnes!

  2. It's a man thing. Our lawnmower works and the only way my husband will cut the lawn is if I nag him to do it. But he will not let anyone else cut it (We have 2 grown sons the have never cut the lawn). He even has the only key to the shed so no one touches the lawn equipment.

  3. I have a bad back so I told my husband I will not push mow our yard, so he bought me a nice little riding mower. It hasn't run in three years but he keeps thinking he can fix it. I keep my mouth shut because meantime he's mowing the yard. Mwah ha ha ha... ah hmmm... :D