Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dearly Departed Removed Post

M.D. Christie this blog was written for you.  It is about the comment you left on my blog yesterday…The one you removed.  I miss that comment so much; it has compelled me to write an entire blog page about it, just to prove you were right and should have left the comment up.

I have walked by you so many times with glancing stares, not wanting to loose my soul to the desire of tasting you on my lips.  You mock me silently as you sit there stoic, ignoring my ever lustful glances, unaware of the danger that your presence has caused and now that this place is empty of everyone but us, I can no longer contain my passion.  Your sweetness encompassing my mouth, yearning for more as I fight the desire not to bite.  Giving but not taking as you become one with the roof of my mouth, licking back and forth until I can bare it no longer and your explosion of sticky goo is swallowed leaving me wanting more. Life Savers Gummies, why do you tempt me so, with your brightly colored goodness? 

C.G. Powell
Author of Spell Checked: Book One of The No Uncertain Logic Series
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  1. Wooo, is it hot in here or what?! LOL That's awesome - pure genius! :)

  2. OMG Christine...loved I want to know what M.d. said to inspire this out of you!

  3. Oh my heck Christine!!!! All I can say is... Bwahahahaha! I'm never gonna live this down!!!!

  4. That. Was. Awesome! I laughed out loud for real. I love it!!!

  5. Too funny. What on earth was the post?