Monday, March 7, 2011

Amusing My Muse

Since I began this journey a little over a month ago, I have added another person to my household, not physically but mentally.  I have always opened my home to those who visit or just need a place to lay their head.  But this new person has no regard for my rules.  They sing when they want, whether it is lunchtime or midnight, they have become more demanding than a toddler at Wal-Mart and occasionally they require entertainment, anything to get the wheels going.

I know, most people would not put up with such an ungracious guest, yet I embrace this one.  Writing when they sing and with fury when they sing loud.  Pushing myself to meet their demands and even putting Sea Monkeys on my desk for their amusement.  In many ways, they have become my constant companion when disinterested friends and family abandon me.

And so, a Muse is born.