Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Officer Barns – No Yellow Chalk

          Here on the streets of Culpeper, we have 30min and 2hour parking in the downtown area.  Since there are no meters a patrol officer walks up and down Davis Street marking the car tires in different color chalk every 30 minutes, that way they know when to write a parking ticket.

          It was a lovely almost spring day and my daughter and I decided to eat at one of my favorite restaurants downtown.  We got in the car and make the less than 2 mile journey to Davis Street.  Once there I found an empty place to park by the entrance of the restaurant and parked.  Before I could even get out of my car I spotted my favorite Police Officer……You guessed it, Officer Barns.  He had the parking patrol today and was diligently marking everyone’s tires in yellow chalk.
No…not yellow, I was thinking as I bolted out of the car to stop him before he make a hideous yellow mark on my tire.  “Good Moring Officer Barns, I see you have parking duty today.  I’m going to have to ask you to use a different color chalk on my tires.  Yellow does not match the color of the car and I don’t want to drive around the rest of the day with your yellow line marking its territory like a dog that just whizzed on my tires."
          “How are you Mrs. Gomez?  Will blue work for you?”  He calmly replied, knowing he would waste his time and breath, trying to convince me to let him mark my tire in yellow.
          “Yes.  Blue is fine. Anything but yellow,” I responded as I walked away.  He carefully wrote the time on my tire in blue chalk and went on his merry way.  After lunch we went to the Frenchman’s Corner across from the restaurant for Belgian Chocolate and tea.  When we were done and returned to the car, my daughter started to laugh as she looked at the passenger side of the car.  I walked around the car to see what she was laughing at. The time had been written on each tire along with notes all in light blue chalk.

          11:15 Nice to see you Mrs. G
          11:45 thank you for the OFC donation
          12:05 lunch must be good
          12:30 say hi to Marc
          13:03 please don’t make me write a ticket!

*note: Marc is the owner of the Frenchman’s Corner.

          I just stood there shaking my head, knowing I would now have to get my car washed.  But it is me we are talking about and I don’t know how to leave well enough alone.  So, I stopped in at the local Walmart and bought a large bucket of side walk chalk.  I carefully remove all the yellow ones and delivered it to the police station with a note:

          Dear Chief Jenkins,
I just wanted to give you and your fine patrol officers a shout out.  Job well done and make a little donation to the department, 64 colors are way better that 4. 

Mrs. Gomez

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  1. Ahahaha Oh Officer Barns! Your town in my mind is a cross between the two television shows Twin Peaks and Picket Fences. I love every story to tell with Officer Barns so so much.

  2. God I love your stories, Christine. You could write about paint drying and make it funny! :D And I DO love your Officer Barns stories...

  3. Officer Barns...how I love these stories! It's almost as if you live in fictional town, USA come to life. Can't wait to hear more... :)

  4. One thing's for sure: you're probably the safest, most looked after citizen there in your town.

  5. Only because the Police and Sheriffs officers are constantly looking over their shoulders for me.....I like to keep them on their toes.

  6. LOL! I love this. You made me spit my coffee out this morning:)