Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Officer Barns

Oh Officer Barns, if you only knew some of the things I say about you behind your back.  Today you made me remember why I love living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone.  It all started off well, when I thought I would do a little shopping at the local Target.  To my dismay, every screaming baby in town was there with their less than concerned at home mom.  Instead of enjoying my time browsing the store, I got what I needed plus a Migraine.  On my way home traffic was at a complete stop while road crews attempted to patch, what the plow trucks had removed this winter.  But that was not the real reason there was traffic.  Standing in the middle of the intersection was my favorite police officer. 

Now you may be wondering how I became acquainted with one of Culpeper’s finest.  Seven years ago Officer Barns wrote my very first ticket, sort of a welcome to Culpeper kind of thing.  If I were a normal sort of person it would not have bothered me.  But having gone 22years without ever getting a tick and teaching defensive driving while in the Navy, It bothered me a lot.  For the last seven years we have had a few run ins, mostly at charitable events and chamber meetings.

Back to today....I got tired of waiting for Officer Barns to let us go.  So, I rolled down my window and shouted.  "Get this Circus moving already!"  To which Officer Barns responded.  "Mrs. Gomez, do I need to put you in the back of my squad car?"  Not remembering exactly who he was dealing with.   "Only if you cuff me first, cause I like it that way," I grinned.  His face went completely red as the one of the road workers busted out laughing at my comment.  Not to be out done, he pulled out his cell phone and said "Thank God your husband is on my speed dial."  Which wiped the smile right off my face.

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  1. LolLolLOLololol! Really really funny! Thanks for the laugh this a.m.!

  2. Hahaha that is too funny. You are a gutsy woman!

  3. Well let's not forget to thank your amazing 21 year old daughter for your second account with him....haha

  4. Hey Alexis, when you wrecked your car it was Officer Lyle that greeted us at the hospital.