Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Sleep Study

My adventure all started about 8pm when I put my overnight stuff in my purse.  It consisted of a toothbrush, toothpaste and a barrette all placed in a ziplock bag and my iPad.  My husband looked at me then asked, “Are you really going to drive to Warrenton dressed like that?”
“Yes, Yes I am,” I replied, not seeing anything being wrong about driving 24 miles in my nightclothes and robe.  I like to keep things simple and changing clothes at the sleep study clinic just did not appeal to me.  So, my attire consisting of plaid flannel pants, a night shirt and robe would have to do for the ride there and back.
Soon I arrived in the parking lot of the clinic where I patiently waited in my car for the technician to retrieve me as per instructions. I pulled out my iPad and started reading D.D. Scotts Muse Therapy and after 15 minutes, I was starting to feel like an addict parked in the night waiting for their dealer to arrive.  A little after 9pm a sweet young woman named Rhoda, motioned from the front door for me to enter the building.  She showed me to my room for the night and asked me to fill out the questionnaire on the clipboard.  I sat there answering questions about my normal sleep habit or in my case not so normal sleep habits.  Now the fun was about to begin, Rhoda brought me back to a room where she had tape, wires and conductive glue all waiting to be applied to me from head to toe.  I sat still while she tape and gelled what seemed to be 200 probes randomly to me.  We talked about her home country, the Philippines and it brought back memories of the beautiful Island I had spent time on during my career in the Navy. 
Now that I was hooked up, it was time to sleep…Yeah right, do they really think I’m going to sleep?  I don’t even sleep at home, why in the world would I sleep here?  So started Rhoda’s long night of attaching and reattaching the wires I had pulled off, in my effort to sleep.  5am could not come fast enough, Rhoda taped on the door, I was already awake waiting to be released from my wiry prison.  I quickly filled out another questionnaire about my night’s sleep or lack thereof and then bolted to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get the hell out of there.  Yes, still in my nightclothes.  I made my way back home, waving to Officer Barns as he sat in his squad car on the edge of town.
So, how did you spend your night? 


  1. I swear you're some gutsy woman!! ha ha I don't know if I would even have he patience or stamina to even stay in a strange place like that and be hooked up to a bunch of wires. I would be afraid that I would wake up looking like some kind of alien plant or something. lol I've seen studies like that advertised but I've never known anyone who participated in one. Kudos to you! :-)

    Have a beutiful and prosperous day! :-)

  2. Hey people around here go to the grocery store in that flannel attire! My SIL even posted a pic from
    her Iphone (no identity) of someone in their pj's, so be careful! Cameras all around!

    I know alot of friends who've done this. If you get the sleep apnea machine, you'll have to get used to the paraphernalia just to go to sleep.

    Rather take ambien....

  3. I had one done a few years back and understand how horrible it is. That damn gunk would NOT come out f mny hair either. Had to wash it like three times. And all to find out I had "bad sleep habits"?

    I drive my husband nuts with my willingness to go everywhere in my pajamas. The way I figure it it's no worse than what some of hte other people around here are

  4. That sounds horrible! You would think they would make the environment as condusive to sleep as possible.
    On another note, I am beginning to feel like I know Officer Barns. I want to wave at him too. Maybe throw in a wink every now and then.hahaha