Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tristan and Arial

“Tristan slow down, you are going to fast!”  Arial exclaimed tripping, trying to keep up with him.
“That’s not what you told Fairen last night, and he was moving quicker than a lecher in a whore house!” he hissed as he sped-up.
Arial stopped walking, put her hands on her hips, and yelled, “Would you deny me all pleasures Tristan?”
He stopped, turned around quickly, and looked at her, his eyes glazed over in anger.  “No…But Fairen, Arial?  He would like nothing more than to have my head on a platter, so he can deliver it to your father!” he bellowed. 
Letting go of her anger, she smiled at him. “I should have been more discreet and I am sorry.  I love you Tristan, surly you must know that by now.” She walked to where he stood and looked into his eyes as she placed her hand lightly on his neck.
He whispered hanging his head in shame.  “You know how jealous I can get sometimes.  I always fear you will someday leave me for another.”
They entered the mouth of a large cave, Tristan walked across the entrance and lied down on a massive pile of gold and jewels and Arial took her place curled up next to him. “I got a little something for you,” he said quietly, pushing a small box in front of her.
She opened the box and found a large diamond necklace with beautiful blue sapphires.  “You are too good to me,” she sighed, putting the necklace around her neck. “And I am glad you didn’t eat me when you had the chance,” she laughed, throwing her arms around his massive scaled neck.
“You have been the best companion a dragon could ever ask for,” he replied.

C.G. Powell

Author of Spell Checked: Book One of The No Uncertain Logic Series
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  1. I like it Christine. I don't know why you would ever be insecure. I love every story you tell, no matter what it's about. ;)

  2. Ah a dragon lover. Don't see them often enough. I like it!

  3. I loved this Christine! Like I've said before, you are a TRUE storyteller!

    Pssst! I love dragons!

  4. This is great! Dragons are great, and we don't see them very often anymore.

  5. Fascinating. Do scales cover his ENTIRE body??

  6. Yes Scott, scales cover his entire body...that's why his girl is having a good romp else where...Duhhh.

  7. I love stories like this. Thank you for the story and the smile it put on my face. 8-) <3

  8. Christina, This is a cute story, I love it!