Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Beauty of Wickedness

In each of us hides a wickedness that few ever act upon, at times it gleans it’s ever watchful eye to the events that unfold each day in our lives, waiting for the opportunity to show its self in full.  Most of us just pass this monster off as a fleeting thought when situations arise that leave us biting our tongues in response to the stupidity of our fellow man.  Then there are times when you lay by the pool, watching with lustful thoughts the perfect body of your cabana boy, half naked, at your beck and call.  What beautiful wicked thoughts you give me as I close my eyes and envelope the suns warmth.  You sit on the edge of my lounger, one arm across my hip for balance, reading to me the most erotic of poems until I shift in my seat, letting you know I have had enough of your playful banter.  Your lips so close to my ear I can feel your breath on my neck as you whisper.  “Would you care for another drink or maybe a massage?”  And once again I must quell the wicked thoughts that play through my mind like a porn flick.  I can’t help but think about your strong hands across my back kneading the tension from my shoulders, moving down my spine until you reach the small of my back where you lightly run your fingers across my hip and thighs, sending a quiver to my core.  What a beautifully wicked game you play cabana boy.


  1. Whew! That was HOT! I need a cabana boy *grins*

  2. I can't wait till my cabana boy, also known as my husband, gets home this weekend. My wicked thoughts are going to spill out all over the freaking place! Nice job. LoL