Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creative Detachment

Most people would feel blessed to have a creative mind, not fully understanding what it means to have ideas trebucheted across your mind constantly and at a speed that leaves you more confused than blessed.  Your mind doesn’t sleep when you lay your head down, instead it takes advantage of the quiet you have just provided and even the slightest hint of slumber causes it to go into overdrive.  Ideas so bizarre it leaves you spending months researching the possibilities.
 The problem lies in the nature of these ideas, sometimes they are art or words meant to flow across the pages of a book and other times they are science and math…If you take tourmaline and sandwich it between two pieces of transparent carbon, can the heat difference between the carbon and the tourmaline created by sunlight be enough to cause electricity to flow across it?  Since tourmaline is double refractive will it cause an alternating current?  If the center was changed to something that is single refractive would it be direct current?  Sometimes, it is the unwritten conversations between characters in my book that keep me up, so vivid it’s like watching a movie of your own creation.  Even the little things can become a problem…so many possibilities for lunch and I can only choose one…why can’t I decide? 
I guess the bright side to all of this is…In a survival situation my mind would be running so fast I would know the solution before anyone else, but would still wait for Darwin’s law to cull the heard, before making my escape.


  1. Last night I was exhausted, but couldn't sleep because my mind wouldn't stop. It is a gift and a curse sometimes. But I don't think I could have it any other way!

  2. Ha! Funny, Christine. I agree though having a creative mind is a blessing and a curse. What I wouldn't give for it to take less than an hour to fall asleep at night.

  3. I love the pre-sleep meanderings when they are ideas and not worries.