Monday, May 30, 2011

First or Third Person?

          I finally got up the nerve to have beta readers take a look at my book…and the prognosis was not well.  When I started writing the book I had no idea what POV stood for (In the military it meant Personally Owned Vehicle), so with that in mind, the first half was written in first, second and third person all at the same time…You could say my Point Of View was, well everyone’s POV…apparently well written books can’t be written that way which is too bad because, if I keep it in first person you only get to know what the main character is thinking, and what is the fun in that?  I like the idea that one person was telling the story and as if by magic we could also know what everyone else is thinking.  Almost like the readers little secret.

 But alas, this is my first book so we will chalk that up to inexperience and move forward.  I am currently changing the entire book to third person…I still like to get in everyone’s head and see what they are thinking, it is the one thing I find fascinating about books, not only do you get to hear multiple conversations going on, in different places, at the same time. You also get a glimpse of what is going on in that noggin of theirs, a power I would personally love to have in the real world.

On the bright side of this writing fiasco, almost everyone who has had a chance to read “Spell Checked” has loved the story itself….further proof that I am a story teller and not a writer…at least not yet, but I am working on it. 
When you are reading or writing, which do you prefer: First person or third person? 


  1. I like both first and third. I have written more first because it suited the story. I like not knowing what everyone is thinking because it builds mystery and tension, but I also third person.

    Good luck with the rewrites!

  2. I'm with Liz, I write in both, but when I use third it's limited to the main. I like to build off the aspect of not knowing, makes it more like my life. ;)

  3. Laughing with you, C.G. I've been down that road too. That's how I found my legs. The story is there for you too. That's totally cool, isn't it? Now, get hot, Shipmate.