Sunday, May 8, 2011

That's right Biches 64.2 MPG

I know that today is Mother’s Day and you would expect me to write a blog about how great moms are, but I’m not!  Moms are awesome and all that but why beat a dead horse.  So today I am going to blog about my car, that’s right you heard me.  Now you are probably thinking, what is so special about this car that I would want to write a blog about it.  It’s not the way the heated leather seats cradle my back or the fact that it has solar panels that run fans that keep the car vented when it is hot outside, so I don’t get scorched when I enter my car on that hot sunny day.  It’s not even it's ability to squeal it’s tires when I press the gas petal to hard or the way it climbs over snow with its 4 wheel stabilization system.  Those things are all great but the reason I love my car is obvious in the photo below.

That’s right, you are reading those numbers correct it says 64.2MPG and with the price of Gasoline who wouldn’t love to see those numbers.  I know what you are thinking, yes so you get really good fuel economy, but can you put your kids and all there friend in your car?  Or take your overly large dog on a camping trip?  And my answer to that is No!! My car fits 5 so friend space is limited as I have 2 kids.  I don’t like dogs or camping so, I don’t see the problem.  I look at it this way, with the money I save on gas I can take my kids and their friends on a trip to Europe, while you are at the pump cursing the high gas prices.

Please leave me a comment...I would love to know what you drive, your gas milage and how much it cost to fill your tank...Mine was $32 a week ago.


  1. chevy cavalier, that gets real gas, and last i looked it cost me $44 to fill it up at the pump. kinda blew my mind. XD

  2. It blew my mind too when I had to spend $32....I was use to spending $12-15 to tank up. (I only have a 10 gal tank)