Monday, June 6, 2011

And The Winners Are!!!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the pasted few days for the 18 & Over Blog Tour Giveaway.  I would also like to thank and  for organizing this tour.

The Winners-

MMBourassa – Monogamy Sucks

Kah_cherub - $10 amazon gift card

TaraWMizztuts – Monogamy Sucks

Today’s blog: Going to Luray Caverns for the 100th time – Bad idea!!!

I had a lot of fun on Saturday, but not for the obvious reasons.  I took a couple of friends from out of town, on a ride down Skyline drive through the Shenandoah National Forest and a tour of Luray Caverns.  I know that sounds like fun, but I realized half way through the tour at Luray that my mind was completely in the gutter.  I stopped paying attention to the tour guide after the first 10 minutes of the one and a half hour tour.  Not because it was boring, but I guess I had been on that tour a few too many times.  Soon I started seeing things in the rocks.  Below are some of the photo’s I shot in the cave…Do any of you see something strange about these rocks?  Or am I the only one who felt they were surrounded by dicks on this tour…and I don’t mean the idiot who brought the screaming toddler on the tour.


  1. Oh my, now that you mention it, the stagmites do look a bit phallic. Especially the last pic, they're everywhere. Not that I would EVER have noticed that on my own :P
    And WOO HOO I think I'm a winner of a book. (Happy dancin') Thanks so much for the blog hop and giveaway.

  2. It definitely painted the tour in a new light, didn't it? :D

  3. Thank you for the GC!!! ;)
    What beautiful pics!

  4. That first one looks a lil naughty, lol. Shhhhh

  5. LOL no aren't the only one, CG!! There's a few in there that look like molds for various toys...just sayin' Looks like you all had a blast!!!