Friday, June 17, 2011

Book 2 “Exile Bytes”

Hello Blogaverse, after a 2 week break (editing L) I am finally back at my keyboard writing again.  Below is the temp cover for book 2 “Exile Bytes”….I love Jimmy Thomas at Romance Novel Covers his work makes me swoon!!

I’m taking my kiddies (characters) to China in book 2.  I hear it’s where all the really cool Vampires hang out…or at least where Nikola Tesla (Vampire) hangs his hat.  It’s all fun and games, until Mae’s parents land their space ship in the Mongolian Desert and get followed by a Demon Assassin (Demons make the best Assassins).  I feel the need to cause chaos with the lives of others today…so, it looks like I am going to start this book in catastrophe!  Who do I kill first?  I don’t care much for small children, so I am leaning towards getting rid of the fetuses first…They don’t bring much to the book so, nobody will miss them. 

I need Sea Monkeys, so I guess hatching Brine Shrimp eggs is on the to do list today…my tank is getting kind of empty since my husband keeps feeding them to his fish. 

Question of the day…What type of characters would you kill off first?  What is a good city in China, for a couple of Tech savvy Vampires to live in?  Does Purple really clash with Green?

Please leave a comment – it’s the only way I know of to prove you really did read this blogJ

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