Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update!! Lawn Mowers and Daylight Savings Time

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Oh, I almost forgot.  I have an update to Lawn mowers and Daylight savings time.  After almost 4 years, the mister finally fixed the lawnmower!!!!  Yey!  That’s right people, it was the first time in 4 years that my husband has mowed the lawn himself.  And now that the kids are 4 years older, it will most likely be the last time he mows the lawn, until the youngest, now 11, graduates high school.  Which leads me to believe this was a planned long term breakage, as he waited for his children to grow tall enough to reach the pedals and sit on the seat at the same time.

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  1. Is that why people have kids, so they can mow the lawn. Ahahahaha

  2. My mom always told me she had so many kids so she didn't have to do the dishes anymore. :D