Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Staycations, Birthdays and New Computers

Happy Tuesday world!  As many of you may have known, yesterday was my birthday and it turned out to be a good one.  It was my husband’s first day back to work, after taking an 18 day Staycation, which was a gift in itself.  Not that I don’t love the Mister or anything, but 18 days at home together is just 16 days to many.

I also got my new computer in yesterday...Which as soon as my husband got home, from his first day back at work, after 18 days at home (yes I know I am repeating myself), he insisted we take the computer out of the box.  I, on the other hand was perfectly happy leaving it in the box until I was ready to play 20,000 questions with it—also known as I’m a new computer, now tell me your life’s story, home network , key code, password, etc...  But no, he insisted on taking it out of the box.  Now, in a normal house, when a new computer arrives, a person might carefully take it out of the box and place it under the desk, then gently attach the wires as per the diagram, making certain everything is correct before nervously pressing the power button for the first time.  Not here, no, we just dump it out on the kitchen table and open that Bitch up...kind of like a car mechanic at a car show, checking out what’s under the hood.  Oohing and aahing at the contents...look at the pretty blue lights!!! 

The best part is, when Blizzard finally releases Diablo 3...I’ll be ready, 1gig graphics card and all.

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  1. Hey, it's been awhile since you bought your computer. How is it now? I hope you are maintaining it so you can use it for a longer time. You should update the anti-virus program regularly, clean and defragment the hard drive and delete unnecessary files. If you do all these things faithfully, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t bid your computer goodbye anytime soon.