Thursday, July 21, 2011

Random Knitting for Writers

   You are most likely wondering why I have posted a knitting pattern on my blog, especially since this this not a knitting blog.  Like most things I post here, I have my own bent up reasons for doing it.  But let me list a few just for grins and giggles because knitting is like many things we do in life:
1.       You have to do it more than once to be good at it.
2.      You can either learn from others, and make things easier on yourself, or get what you think you need and take a stab at it blindly.
3.      If you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.  It will show in the end product.
4.      The more challenging it is, the greater the sense of pride upon completion.
5.      Anyone can do it, some just have to work harder at learning how than others, but that does not mean that the end product is of lesser is what you put into it.

   Today we are going to learn to make a kitchen towel.  If you don’t know anything about knitting, there is a great simple guide at Lion Brand.
Materials:  Cotton yarn – one skein (Peaches & Cream brand form Walmart works great).  One pair of knitting needles – pick a pair any size, just remember the smaller the needle the smaller the stich and vice versa).  And that’s about it.

Cast on:  As many even number of stiches as you want...It’s your towel!
This pattern is just a suggestion, use whatever pattern you want.
Row 1:  *knit 1 purl 1*   repeat to end.
Row 2:  *purl 1 knit 1* repeat to end.\
When it gets as long as you want it, cast off.

   Now, for you writers...just substitute writing for knitting in the above blog post.  Remove the word kitchen towel and replace with Novel.  Change Lion Brand to one of many free websites that offer free writing guides.
It’s your book, write whatever you want and make it as long as you want.

C.G. Powell

Author of Spell Checked: Book One of The No Uncertain Logic Series

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  2. I have never knitted anything, but I got it once you said to replace it with writing. :-)

  3. I was hoping this is where you were going with this!
    I love your posts, thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us!