Monday, July 11, 2011

Spell Checked is now Published

At long last, my first work of literature has finally been released.  “Spell Checked” is now available on Amazon, Barns & Noble and Smashwords.  Printed copies will also be available on Amazon as soon as I get the proof in the mail and okay printing.

What a journey that has been.  Now the fun part....Marketing!  Okay, I’m being sarcastic here, I am not a sales person, but now it is time to become one.  You see, what is the point in writing a book, if you are not willing to push it one everyone you know and meet?  I just need a game plan, one that I can execute on my own or for little cost, as this little venture into writing has already cost about $700, before it was even published.  I have a lot of books to sell to make up that cost.

I would love to know.  If you have published anything before and what worked for you as far as marketing?  I don’t want to become that person on Facebook or Twitter who does nothing put plug their product.  I don’t like it when people do that to me and I’m sure others don’t like it either.  I like to talk to people, get to know them and not so I can push my book on them.  I will honestly say, this is the part I have the hardest time with.  Writing, editing, formatting and making a book cover were far easier in comparison.

I will now leave you with an excerpt of the book.  The first 30% is free on Smashwords if you would like to read more before you decide to buy.  Just click the Smashwords link in this post or under the book cover on the side, it will take you there.

The end of Chapter 9

Meredith and Gemma both got up and put their arms around her in a group hug.  Mae hated being such a whiner, it was not a role she was used to playing and this whole pity party deal was not working for her.  She just wanted to sleep through it for now and make another attempt to get over it at some later date.

“I will put you to sleep.  I hope you don’t mind if Gemma and I stay up and talk?”  Meredith led the way down the hall and back to Mae’s room.

“I don’t mind.  In fact I am glad you have become friends because I don’t know what I would do without either one of you.  Ironic how the one man in this house, that we all love to hate, has brought us girls together.”  Mae crawled back into bed and tried to relax as Meredith worked her magic.  Her mind went completely blank as she drifted to sleep.

Gemma watched Meredith work her spell.  “How long will your spell work?” Gemma asked.

“I hope the entire night, but with Mae you can’t tell, she is very different than the rest of us Witches.”  Meredith walked around the side of the bed and turned off the lamp before she and Gemma went back to Gemma’s room to finish their conversation about Aidan.

“I don’t know how you have managed to date him no less than ten times and for three years straight!” Gemma squealed while sitting with her legs crossed on the bed.

Meredith was walking around the room when she confessed.  “Were not for Helen, I think I would have gone after Beck instead.”  She stopped cold in her tracts, realizing the error of what she just said.

Gemma gave her a puzzled look.  “Who is Helen?”  She hugged her pillow waiting for the response.

Meredith had just opened a can of worms and it would not be easy to explain without doing damage.  She sat on the edge of the bed with one leg curled under her and the other still on the floor and looked at Gemma pensively.  “I guess I need to start at the beginning, if you are to fully understand,” she sighed.  “How is your Greek Mythology?”

“The story of Beck and Helen goes back to the days just prior to the Trojan War.  His name had been Paris in those days.  The Veshtu had become the Gods of Greece and Rome at the time and spent much of their time meddling in the business of their half breed children.  It was at the wedding banquet of a friend that most of his troubles began.  One of the Veshtu named Eris was left off the wedding list as she had a tendency to cause strife. She was insulted by this omission and plotted her revenge.  During the banquet Eris threw the Apple of Discord engraved with the word Kallisti- “for the most beautiful one” in front of the three most prominent Female Veshtu….Hara – Wife to their leader Zeus, Athena – Tactician and strategist of the Veshtu, and Aphrodite – Scientist in charge of the breeding program and the most beautiful of them all. Not being ones to suffer from humility, their vanity took over and an argument ensued as to who the apple was meant for.  Zeus was asked to settle the argument for them, but he feared that it would cause chaos, if he, their leader choose a winner.  So he delegated the task to Paris, the most intelligent and handsome among the half breeds.

They all attempted to bribe poor Paris; Hara offered him ownership of Europe and Asia. Paris knew that keeping ownership would be the problem with this offer so he passed.  Next was the bribe of Wisdom and skill in battle offered by Athena. Paris was already more intelligent than most and as a herdsman had no need for skill in battle, so he would also pass on Athena’s offer.  The last bribe was from Aphrodite, she offered him the love of the most beautiful human on earth…Helen of Sparta.  This seemed like an odd bribe to Paris since Vampires are not one’s to dabble with love.  Love was not logical and went against their nature, but Paris had once allowed his human side to rule his life and could remember what it was like to be loved.  He also knew the pain and emptiness love could leave at the hands of death.  So a deal was struck with Aphrodite, he would accept the offer of Helen’s love and proclaim her the winner, but in return Aphrodite had to promise that Helen’s consciences would be reborn to a different body upon her death.  Paris never wanted to feel the pain of loss again.  The one thing Aphrodite failed to mention was that Helen was married to the king of Sparta and Paris would have to steal her thus starting the Trojan War.”  Meredith paused for a second before she would explain that Helen had returned in Mae’s body.

“Beck started the Trojan War?”  Gemma leaned forward in interest as she asked her question.  “And in the books Paris dies and Helen ends up with her husband in Sparta.”

Meredith readjusted her legs under her.  “Yes, he did and Aidan helped him steal Helen.  As far as the written history, we tend to bend the truth to fit our needs.  We don’t want humans to find out they have immortals living among them, so we sometimes write our own deaths to hide the actuality.”

“What does all of this have to do with Mae?”

Meredith paused; this was the part she did not want to answer.  “Mae is Helen’s host, but   Helen is not able to take over Mae’s consciousness because she is not human.”

Gemma furled her brow and shuttered. “You mean Mae could eventually become Helen?  Is that why Beck keeps her close?  If it is, I don’t like this situation at all.” Gemma got up and started to pace the room.

Meredith watched Gemma walking circles around the room.  “When Beck went to meet Mae for the first time he had assumed that Helen had already taken over which is why he left the bar that night in a hurry.  But it did not take him long to fall in love with Mae and not because of Helen.  He battled his conscience over this very issue to the point of almost killing himself.  That is when he decided it was Mae that he wanted and not Helen.” Meredith was fidgeting as she tried to explain what Beck had confided to her.

Gemma stopped pacing and sat on the edge of the bed near Meredith.  “How do we stop Helen from surfacing?”

“Beck asked me the same question,” Meredith snorted.  “And like I told him, I haven’t a clue as to how to remove Helen.  I am afraid that whatever mechanism Aphrodite put in place those thousands of years ago, is well beyond our comprehension.  Please understand that this was not something Beck had control over…he did not choose to make Mae, Helen’s host.  All he did was fall in love with Mae after the fact.”

“Why hasn’t he told Mae about Helen?”

“He is afraid she would leave him.  You saw what kind of chaos that created today.  Look Gemma, Beck is a good man and wouldn’t do anything to hurt Mae, you have to understand what he is giving up to be with her…He and Helen have been together for thirty-five hundred years and it was not an easy choice for him to let her go, not to mention the fact that he has been off the market since the Trojan War and hasn’t a clue how to date.” She laughed stretching her legs across the bed next to Gemma.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to Mae.  I hate to add to her confusion but she needs to know about Helen.  This is her life we are talking about.”  Gemma threw herself back on the bed and lay down.

“I have told him the same thing and he said he would when he thought her ready for the truth,” Meredith sighed.

I know I just threw you into the middle of the book, but I like my bent up way of telling the Trojan War.  The Veshtu are an Alien race that became the gods when they would visit.  I tell their history and the history of another race in Chapter 2, which is part of the free download on Smashwords.

Please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from everyone that has read this blog.

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  1. congrats on the publish! I love your take on history :)

    Wishing you much success!

  2. Your story is wonderful! You sucked me in from the beginning! You hooked me, guess I am going to have to go buy it now so I can read it from start to finish!
    Congratulations on getting published, and I can't wait to see where this leads you!

  3. Thank you Nichole and Lisa!!! I can't wait to share my next book with you too. only 75K to go!

  4. I have been loving this book!! My only regret is not having the time to read it in one sitting!!!
    I look forward to reading ALL THINGS written by C.G Powell!!