Tuesday, July 5, 2011

To Glock or not to Glock?

I feel bad about ignoring my blog, but let me explain!!!

I have been working real hard at getting “Spell Checked” out the door and starting the next book in the series “Exile Bytes”.

As it stands, I got it back from the editor, completed all the fixes, finished the formatting and published it, so I can get it out to reviewers.  I am still looking at a release date of 1 September, for those interested in buying the book.  Now that it is published (on some obscure web publisher) I cannot prevent people other than reviewers from purchasing it.  So if you really feel like you cannot wait until the release date to read it...It might come up on Google and it can be bought ahead of time, but I’m not willingly giving out the info, because the official release date is 1 September.

I have made the outline for book 2 “Exile Bytes” and hope to start writing on it soon (this week).  I would like to have this one ready to publish by the end of October.  I did not leave the first book on a cliff hanger, but the story will continue in the second book.

So it has been a while since I have seen Officer Barns, I think he is hiding from me.  I have managed to stay out of trouble lately, which is difficult for me.  Most likely the result of trying to get my book published.  Now that my first book is published I’m sure it won’t be long before I am up to my usual shenanigans.  Especial now that I am getting a gun and a concealed weapons permit.  I’m thinking 9mm Glock, although most of the shooting I have done was with a 38.  I’m sure the police department will be thrilled that I am armed.  I have already taken down one of the locals at my front door with an 18in saber, when he surprised me at 4am to do a wellness check.  I think I scared the pee out of that poor Rookie and almost got tazed.  Thankfully I now have a peep hole to prevent that mistake again.

C.G. Powell

Author of Spell Checked: Book One of The No Uncertain Logic Series

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  1. lol...probably a good idea to ask questions then shoot later...or should it be the other way around...?

  2. For sure, if you break into my house and I am still home, it will most certainly be your last mistake ever!