Friday, October 21, 2011

Ancient Aliens and Book Covers

As I was working on the cover for the book I am writing for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month: a challenge to write a 50K novel in one month) I began to have flashbacks of the realm of Stargate Atlantis.  What if a civilization, such as the one in the TV, had visited during Earth’s early human time period?  Would they have reviled their selves to man, or would they have hidden, just outside man’s reach yet sill close enough to observe?

Would early man have called them gods, since man tends to raise to godlike status those things they do not understand?  Maybe they would have influenced man from far, putting ideas in their heads to move forward, think, and create.   Or better yet could they have assimilated themselves with secretly with man itself?  

 This will be for the book based on “Words of an Immortal

Please leave a comment.  Religion aside, what roll do you think ET’s could have played if they were to have encountered early man?  And if you would rather not go there...What do you think of the cover I am working on?  I would love to hear from you.


  1. First, I love the cover. It is very mysterious and spacey. (That's a good thing)

    Second, I think if aliens visited they probably were thought of as either gods like you said, or magical and evil. I feel like a lot of what couldn't be explained was and still is seen as automatically dangerous and suspicious and in need of immediate destruction.

  2. LOL Liz, I forgot to put the immediate destruction part down...You know, because if we don't understand it, it must be evil....Good point.

  3. Hi there, great cover. I love it. I have no doubt that ETs were here, worshiped as gods, or reviled as demons I know not. But I do believe in the possibility.
    Love Stargate Atlantis too.


  4. I love the cover. Do you use photoshop? I wish I had those skills. I'm learning.

    Aliens, I think if they came they would have watched in secret. Or we'd have some evidence ala the Crystal Skulls.

  5. Corel photo paint was used...this is just a rough...there is still alot that needs to be done.

    I think as we advance it becomes easier to belive others could have too.