Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Furry Ghosts

It was a night no different from any other night, the mister was out of town and the house was empty.  I place my head on my pillow hoping for peaceful slumber to engulf me quickly, as the monotony of the clock ticking, slowly lulled my mind to blankness.  Blinking my eyes one last time, I started to drift off to sleep, when through the corner of my eye, a shadow slowly moved across the foot of the bed, startling me out of my relaxed consciousness.  Heart beating wildly as my mind raced to make logical, what my eyes had seen. 

Soon I began to hear scratching, like nails quickly running down the wall and ending in a sudden thud.  After hearing this noise a couple of times in a row, the light turned on in the hallway leading to the bathroom.  Frightened, I jumped out of bed and looked around the corner to find nothing, so I continued to walk slowly down the hallway into the dark bathroom, where the mirrors played tricks on my already edgy mind.  Taking a deep cleansing breath and letting it out, I closed my eyes for a second and reached over to turn on the lights.

Now that my mind was more settled I opened my eyes and looked around.  After several minutes of finding nothing, I turned off the lights and returned to bed.  Before I could even lie my head back down, the bathroom toilet flushed and once again fear took over, as I bolted to turn on the lights and look down the hall into the bathroom.  I let out a chuckle as I watched the source of my nervousness take her little paw and push down the handle of the toilet once more.

Relieved to find the reason for the toilet randomly flushing, I picked up the cat and put her down on the bed before turning the lights back off.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, I could hear the cat jump off the bed onto the floor, seconds later the sound of scratching returned and the hallway light popped back on...this time kitty was busted, as I watched her continue to jump at the light switch on the wall with a quick scratch and thud, her nails raking the wall before landing on the floor.

By this time I was tired of her shenanigans, so I put her outside the bedroom and closed the door, wondering what had gotten into her and finally I was able to sleep.

The next morning I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth.  As I ran the water in the sink I could feel a cat rubbing up against my legs, after this happened a couple of time I looked down, ready to pet my little trouble maker, only to find that there was nothing there....

Soka, may you rest in peace, your people and your sister (trouble maker) miss you. 

Have you ever had a furry ghost encounter? 

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