Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Lost Pyramids in Egypt

Everyone is familiar with the pyramids of the Giza, The Great Pyramid of Khufu has been ingrained into our imaginations from the time we are children and continue to captivate us well into our adulthood.  Their behemoth size a testament to the imagination of a people, who had yet to invent the wheel when they first began to build them.  Oddly enough those are not the pyramids I want to talk about, as interesting as they are.  I want to bring attention to the 17 new pyramids that have been found using satellite technology.

 New Satellite photos of Egypt

Thanks to the ingenuity of US Egyptologist Dr. Sarah Parcak and her research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  A new ancient Egypt is being brought to life as documented by the Discovery Chanel program Curiosity: Eygpt: What lies beneath? But for me, the true fascination is the technology used to find the 17 new pyramids, 1000 tombs and 3000 ancient settlements.

 Infrared Satellite

 For years infrared satellite technology has been used to track weather patterns, locate wildfires, look for new planets, and find the bad guys, just to name a few. As technology continues to advance, our knowledge of the world around us, past, and present, will expound exponentially.  And maybe one day we might finally find out who really helped the wheelless Egyptians build their wonders over 5000 years ago with nothing but sticks, copper, stone and a piece of string.

Who else is looking forward to what new things they might find under the sands of Egypt?  I would love to hear from you. 

C.G. Powell

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  1. That is very cool. It is amazing all the things we can do with technology.

  2. Especially technology in the right hands.

  3. Such interesting stuff! Thanks.

  4. I can never see anything in those satellite photos. But new discoveries are always exciting.

  5. Asrai, I know what you mean about the photos. On the program they point them out to you, It is worth watching!