Sunday, November 6, 2011

Alien Sexcapades

I as I fingered through photos of crop circles for my next blog post, I began to think about the one thing most of us do not consider when we think of extraterrestrial visitation.  Have Alien ever come to earth just to have sex? 
When most of us think of Aliens, this picture of body invading, reptiles, who have come to take over the word, one politician at a time, comes to mind.  Or maybe the army of squid like, exoskeleton covered, grays coming destroy humanity as depicted in Independence Day.  Either way I think we are missing another potential reason, why Aliens might want to visit Earth...Thrill Sex on a populated planet.
I don’t think I’m being unreasonable with this theory.  I mean these are the guys that can travel across space and time, and yet, emotional copulation is somehow unique to humans.  Does this mean that humanity will cease to have sex for fun the moment we begin to travel among the stars?  Is it an unwritten criteria that Aliens are required to uphold during visitations?  No Sex Allowed!
This is the conversation I envision might take place on board a space craft visiting Earth.
Meep:  Do remember the last time we came to Nazca to see the lines? 
Eep:  How could I forget?  It took weeks to get all the sand out of the cracks of my exoskeleton.  *blushes* This time, you’re on the bottom.

If you traveled to another planet, what would be on your mind?  Sex in a strange place or world domination, which by the way can be very stressful? 

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