Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nephilim – Evil Giants or Error of Human Translation?

There is very little written information about the Nephilim that exist and with most of it coming from a few minuscule verses in the bible, is it any wonder that humanity strives to find out who they really were, or in most cases make up their own crap about the Nephilim.  Like I did in “ImmortalVoyage 

One of the problems I have is the information itself.  The bible has been translated so many times its context cannot be relied on as fact.  Even the name Nephil is open to translational debates, which leads us to question the validity of their description in the first place.

They are described as the offspring of sons of God and daughters of man.  In other words, God had children that were not human....Man may have been made in his image, but according to this definition the human male is not a “Son of God”.  Oh and wait...they were giants according to the translations.  By this logic, shouldn’t Jesus have been a giant too?

Now let us step back for a moment and see how this all might have played out.  A son of God walks into a bar, the cave sluts are all drinking whatever fermented in their goat stomach bags since yesterday, when one of them pipes in, “Hey, nice wings you got there.”  And nine months later, she’s trying to push out a giant baby.  Yeah...I’m confused too.

Scenario number two – The Nephilim are the sons of God, but still got jiggy with the daughters of man, so God made them leave, which to sounds a bit hypocritical to me, especially since the whole Jesus incident.

Is it just me or does anyone else see a problem with Nephilim as described in biblical text?  What is your image of a Nephil (Wings, no wings, giants, demon...)? 
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