Friday, January 27, 2012

Who is Adonis and Why is He Referred To So Frequently?

So, I decided to write a story for an upcoming anthology called “Cupid Painted Blind” and my story is based on characters from Greek Mythology.  One item seemed to strike me as odd during my research.  Of all the gods, why is it that Adonis managed to make his way into so many books?

When you look at the major players in Greek Mythology, Adonis doesn’t even make it to the list and yet, he is still referred to with a frequency unmatched.  But what are we really trying to say as a comparative?  Modern society has already deemed that the reference is defined as:  being handsome beyond mortal possibility.  I on the other hand feel that the real Adonis was more beautiful than handsome and to compare a man’s looks to him, would be like comparing Jenifer Lopez’s feminine beauty to Jillian Michaels more masculine appearance.  Not to say that both are not beautiful in their own way.  Just that one of them has big hands and an adams apple...
(photo removed)

So, here’s how the story goes...Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis, but it was said to be at the tip of Eros’ (Cupid) arrow.  As pictured below, even Cupid seems a bit shocked by the hookup as noted by the WTF look on his face.

If Adonis was so handsome, would Aphrodite even need Eros’ help?   Really, it’s not like Aphrodite had a problem with extra-marital flings.   She and Ares were lovers long after she and Hephaestus married.  But, I can see why she would mess around with Ares.  He is a manly man to say the least.
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 From now on, I think I will refer to extremely handsome, manly men as Ares like and not like Adonis.  It makes more sense that way.

 Do you have any thoughts about Adonis?   Who would you swoon over, the god of war or the god of beauty and desire?  Yeah...I’m defiantly team Ares!!!  Please leave me a commment.

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  1. I know...Right, Jessica!!! Ares is way hotter.

  2. HAHAHA so true! Y'know, I have never known Adonis was a Greek god even with my obsession over Greek myths. I know Tantalus, I know Ariadne, I know Andromeda, I know Eurystheus..Lol, and Adonis has never popped up. Only in novels which have NO RELATION whatsoever to Greek stuff. I wonder why..Maybe because I can't be bothered with Aphrodite and Hera. The rest, yeah, I like them.

    And after this really cute and hilarious post of yours - hilarious in a good way - I think I'm team Ares too!:D Lol, even though he was depicted quite the brawn without brains brute in Percy Jackson.

    By the way, I'm in Spell Checked's VBT cafe's blog tour! My stop's on Feb 29th. Leap year~ :D:D Just saying. I've got the ebook from BK, and I can't wait to read it!

  3. I think history is full of craziness, especially mythology...That is why I love writing about it :-)

    I'm looking forward to the blog tour and glad you will be participating. Thank you for stopping by, I hope to see you again on my blog!!!

    Team Ares!!!

  4. Lol, love the painting and the look on Cupid's face. I can't recall any books I've read that mention Adonis.

  5. The look on Eros' face is priceless! I love it :)

    Apollo is my favorite - he's got the best of both sides. Archery/manliness and plays the lyre ;)

  6. Rebecca, I promise I din't photo shop that look...LOL Makes you wonder what was going through the painters mind when he painted the picture. I'm a big fan of Apollo too :-)

    Angela, Adonis is a way over used discriptive in romance novels. Just like the word god like...I think we need a new stantard for judging male looks...LOL