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Guest Post - Blood Awakening By Wenona Hulsey

For a limited time Blood Awakening will be FREE on Amazon.  This is the novelette that stared the Blood Burden (Nicole Keenan) series that everyone is talking about so grab it before this free offer is gone.

And don't forget to enter the Lots of Love Blog Hop giveaway...I'm giving away an awesome basket of goodies.  So, without further ado, please help me welcome the fabulous Wenona Hulsey to my blog!!!

What are people saying about Blood Awakening?

"An awesome beginning to the series!" -Imaloud

"A Surefire winner by an author to watch!!" -Hotmaja54

"So, do I recommend this story? Darn right, I do!!" -JenniferS

Evil starts the clock ticking, leaving Nicole's life changed forever....

Hidden powers, ancient grudges, romance and action that will leave you begging for more....

First of all I want to send a big thank you to my friend C.G. Powell. The writing community is a very supportive one and C.G. is a great example of that kindness. From our meager days prior to publishing our first words she has been a shoulder for me to lean on. Big hugs to you C.G. Powell!

How about I tell you a bit about me first, the person behind the pen? I'm Wenona Hulsey, mother of two and blue collar worker by day. But at night I turn into Wenona Hulsey, master of words and worlds. I’ve always written for as long as I can remember. I kept journals off and on from the age of nine but I really got into writing about a year ago. I was searching for a creative outlet at a time in my life when I felt like I was living in a rut. I sing terrible, I dance like I'm have seizures and my art looks like stick figures so I turned to what came easiest to me ---writing. I started working on my first novel, Burden of Blood, and it moved along remarkably fast. I guess that could be contributed to my recent binge reading of all books labeled paranormal romances but I had an idea of what I wanted and I put it to paper.

As I was nearing the end of my writing frenzy on Burden of Blood when a fascinating novelette idea popped into my head and Blood Awakening was born. It works as a back story to two of the main characters in Burden of Blood, giving you more detail and insight into who Nicole Keenan and her best friend Kat were before their world was turned on its head. I would consider Blood Awakening more of a thriller, suspense with a dash of paranormal and comedy thrown in. But Burden of Blood is full on Paranormal Romance with hot warriors and gothic fairies in leading roles.

Now that I've sent both Blood Awakening and Burden of Blood out into the world, I'm working on book two in the Nicole Keenan series which is titled Blood of Fire. I'm hoping have this one published in spring of 2012.

Okay, I'll stop yammering away and give you all the juicy details about my books and a bit on where you can find me if you want to chat. Thanks so much for letting me join you today C.G!


Nicole, a small town Alabama girl, and her best friend Kat take a weekend trip to Panama City, Florida. Kat looking to have a good time and Nicole hoping to escape the pain of losing her mother for a little while. Little did Nicole know, the escape would awaken a ancient power that is hidden in her blood. A power that evil wants for its own and will do whatever it takes to have it.

This short story is a look into best friends', Nicole and Kat, life before a centuries old grudge and Nicole's emerging powers rips them apart. A power that Nicole wants no part of as it brings her to her knees and forces her to walk away from her small town life and everyone she loves.

Blood Awakening ebook can be found on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords for 99 cents.


No one wants to know everyone’s darkest secrets, especially not police officer, Nicole Keenan. All she wants is a blissfully normal life in the small, Alabama town where she was born. But as generations of power running through her veins start to wake up, an ancient grudge is ignited that threatens to push her over the edge. She can hardly believe in what she is, let alone that a dark force will not stop until she's joins them. Or is dead.

Nicole Keenan's life enters into a dangerous dance with warriors and gothic fairies. Southern tradition collides with Irish folklore as she learns about love, heartbreak, and The Burden of Blood.

Burden of Blood (Book 1 of the Nicole Keenan Series) ebook can be found on Amazon and B&N.

Author Wenona Hulsey is a lover of all things written. When she was a child, you could find her reading anything from Edger Allen Poe to the back of cereal boxes. Today you will find her with an ebook reader glued to her hands except for the times when she is writing or spending time with her family. She is also an avid social networker, who loves to meet new people. You can friend her on Twitter!/ WenonaHulsey, like her on Facebook WenonaHulseyAuthor or follow along on her Blog

First off, thank you Wenona for your guest post. I have personally read both of these books and loved them. I’m looking forward to her next installation of the Nicole Keenan Series, that way I can read Burden of Blood over again!!!

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