Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Interview- Langston and Sarina

In celebration of our paranormal romance anthology, Cupid Painted Blind being free today and tomorrow on Amazon, all of us characters decided to interview each other to give you readers an insight into our lives and what make us tic.

Interview with Langston and Sarina

Sarina: So, handsome, rumor has it that you’re a hedge witch?  What powers do you have?  Is it something really cool like hammering a 6 inch nail through a board with your…

Langston:  *raises a hand to stop her words even as a blush creeps into his cheeks* Sarina, your beauty is unmatched, as are the vulgar words which pass your lips.  My magic has accumulated over centuries.  It is a mixture of the innate powers within my blood and knowledge of the use of nature’s own gifts.  I have learned much in my years on this earth.

And you, Sarina.  Would you like to share with the readers what it means to be a siren?

Sarina:  Ah...the life of a siren.  Imagine being able to persuade the hottest immortals and supernaturals that you’re the object of their desire—no strings attached.  There are few that can resist my song, except death, but sometimes even the angel of death has a hard time telling me no.  Although, I think he’s just a horn dog and not really under my spell.  I don’t have many of the emotions that humans suffer, such as love, regret, or much of a conscience for that matter.  It’s all about pleasure and its fulfillment. 

And don’t try to act all innocent with your school boy blush.  I know a little something about you and a certain vampire, and now your new lady...This so called soul mate of yours whose-name-I-forget.  What’s the deal with you two?  How does she feel about swinging?  Are you blushing again? 

Langston: Perhaps it is good that you do not suffer regret, else you might regret the inability to experience love’s affliction.  Love is a beautiful suffering indeed.  *a warm smile smoothes his expression as he gets a faraway look in his dark eyes*  My heart has belonged to Kristana for a very long time, but our fates were never aligned.  The gods sometimes can be cruel indeed, shuffling us around like so many pieces on a chessboard.

But then you know a little something about the gods, don’t you, Sarina?

Sarina:  Yeah, I know what you mean about the gods.  I guess that is why I tricked Ares into making me one.  I would rather be the one doing the shuffling than the one being shuffled.  I use my powers for good—most of the time.  It’s hard when you lack a moral compass. 

*fans self* Is it getting a little hot in here?  I hope you don’t mind if I get comfortable.  *stands, removes dress, and tosses it in Langston’s face.  Walks to small kitchen bar and fixes drink in a lacey push-up bra and thong*   Vodka, Rum or Whiskey?  How much liquor does it take to get a hedge witch drunk enough to do something stupid? 

So, how are you and Kristana doing?  I hear the orphans are keeping her busy.  *makes distasteful face at the mention of children*

Langston: If you insist, I will accept a bourbon.  Straight.  Kristana is quite busy with the children, and the ghosts of course.  Even so, we have managed to make time for each other.  When one is in love, one does that.   *tries to avert eyes, but finds his gaze drawn to the sexy siren* Ahem, you employ such brazen tactics, Sarina.  Is there any man you will not go to great lengths to bed?

Sarina:  Let’s just say I like a good challenge.  *snaps fingers.  Is now wearing a little black dress.  Hands Langston his drink*  And yes.  There are many men I wouldn’t even bother to acknowledge their existence. 

For instance, that pointy eared bastard, Sy.  If not for Femi I would have bed him already.  I’ve had experience with ghosts, been there, done that.  Autumn can enjoy her ghostly lover without my interference. 

Then we have sugar britches, Dorian.  Being the angel of death makes him immune to my powers, but when he is done playing with his mortal Gwen, I’m sure I will hear from him.  In many ways, when it comes to random sex without emotional attachment, he and I are much alike, but every once in a while he lets his heart get involved and that spells trouble for everyone. 

Of course there is you Langy poo.  Not that I don’t enjoy your company and the challenge of a good chase, and God knows a man of your stature is surly well endowed.  I just can’t deal with all the sappy love stuff. So, if you and Katrina don’t work out, call me.

And let’s not forget about Jack...... 

Langston: *takes hearty sip of his drink, then releases a deep sigh* You seem to focus a lot of attention on Jack, which is surprising.  What do you find so appealing about him, I wonder?

Sarina:  Appealing?  Bwahahaha...That was me totally forgetting about Jack.   He spends too much time trying to impress me by talking about his military training and he smells of she wolf.  Neither of which is very appealing.  I would find him more interesting if you ran him through the car wash and slapped a piece of duct tape over his mouth.

It was nice talking to you Langston.  Femi and I are getting together to cause a little chaos and I don’t want to keep her waiting.  I hear Sy is going to be there and he’s bringing a friend.  *Winks*

Langston: *sighs in relief as he watches Sarina leave the room, swinging her hips provocatively in the process* Some things in life never change, no matter how long your life happens to be.  Sirens are one of those. 

I hope you have enjoyed the interview with Langston and Sarina.  Don't forget to stop by Amazon and get your copy of Cupid Painted Blind while it is FREE.

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