Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Meme- What Author Do You Stalk?

Okay if you are anything like me, at this point you’re most likely asking yourself “What is a Book Meme.”

Not being an expert on the subject. I look at it like an interactive hop.  With that said, today’s topic: Stalker Day.

What author do you stalk?  Me?  I have a long and a short list, so I’ll give you the short list.

Liz Schulte -  I love that Liz is active with her fans.

Kinley MacGregor (aka- Sherrilyn Kenyon) – Master of Desire is one of my all-time favorite books....and Sherrilyn is so stalkable!

Stephanie Nelson – I’m not sure if it’s stalking or just me wanting to read the next Anna Avery story, so I put a bug in her ear....constantly.

 L.K. Rigel - I love her books, and the teather series is my favorite!!! 

Who do you stalk and why?  I would love to hear from you.
And don't forget to stop at the following blogs....I hear they are some pretty cool writers they like to stalk!


  1. I stalk Stephanie Nelson too. I love Liz's and L.K. Rigel's! We need more Teethers! I have only read one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's, but she's on my "need more" list.

    1. ooops...I meant Tethers not teethers. Toddler on the brain here.

  2. I stalk Stephanie Nelson too. Going to definitely check out the Teacher Series =)

  3. I read a couple Sherrilyn Kenyon books back in the day but nothing recent. I keep meaning to pick up one or two but never get the chance.

  4. I stalk many of the same :) I can't wait to read LK's newest book

  5. We stalk quite a few of the same authors :)

  6. I agree - sounds like so many of the same.

  7. I like most of these authors. Will check out the one's I am not familiar with. Reading Liz Shulte now. Just finished Miss Stake. Hope there is more coming in this series. Writing my blog post Stalking My Favorite Authors now