Wednesday, March 27, 2013

An Author in the Kitchen – A Recipe for Disaster

I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes with you.

Steak in Wine Sauce

Ingredients :

2 lb super trim steak cut into cubes

3 slices of bacon

1 bottle of red wine (non-sweet)

1 carton of beef broth

1 pk Béarnaise sauce mix + ¼ cup butter and 1 cup milk


Optional Equipment:

Pressure Cooker...I’m impatient.

Wine Glass, but only if you have issues with drinking out of the bottle.


Throw bacon in pot and cook until crisp, remove bacon and save for later.  Turn the heat up on your stove to as high as it will heat for those of you who are privileged enough to have a gas stove.  Right before the smoke alarm goes off, toss in the steak, brown on all sides then lower the heat.  Remember to do that last part before you check your Facebook.  If not, just refer to the black specks as flavor crystals or change the recipe name to Blackened Steak.

Pour 1/3 of the bottle wine (note – Rum does not work, it must be wine) over the steak and simmer until you can’t smell the alcohol anymore then add the beef broth and put the lid on the pressure cooker or let cook until tender.

Once you have started the simmer process drink what’s left of the wine and snack on the bacon while you post on your facebook what you are cooking and your family and friends comment how yummy that sounds.

Make the béarnaise sauce according to the package and enjoy with your steak.  Oh, my friends said I really should include a picture with the here it is.

What is your favorite recipe?  Please share it with me.

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